To give you an idea of the kinds of editing projects I’ve done, here are links to a few recently published examples. For some, I quote excerpts from the acknowledgment sections where the quality of the work I did is mentioned.

The Fire of the Jaguar, by Terence S. Turner (Chicago: HAU Press, 2017). If you click on the link to the Introduction and search for my first name, you’ll see what the main editor had to say about my work:

“I want to thank Catherine Howard, who was a student of Terry’s and a long-time reader of his work. In addition, Catherine (Carine to her family and friends) is an Amazonianist who has visited the Kayapó on several occasions. She has done a thoughtful and thorough job of editing these papers and articles and they are much stronger for her keen eye. Thank you!” (Fajans 2017: vi)

The Owners of Kinship, by Luiz Costa (Chicago: HAU Press, 2017). You can click on the link to the Acknowledgments and read the author’s comment on my editing:

“I had two of the best reviewers of Amazonian anthropology work on this book: David Rodgers and Catherine V. Howard. Catherine, in particular, reviewed the manuscript with a meticulous eye for detail, and her suggestions have improved the text enormously.” (Costa 2017: xv)

“A Sociology of Empowerment. The Relevance of Communicative Contexts for Workplace Change,” a doctoral dissertation by Linda Weidenstedt (Stockholm: Stockholm University, 2017). She mentioned me this way in her Acknowledgments:

“[Certain] women have contributed to this thesis in their very own special way: thank you, Catherine V. Howard, not only for your very committed, generous, and soulful way of giving my writings an edge, but also for the unexpected, heart-warming friendship that has emerged from this process.” (Weidenstedt 2017: xviii)

“Water and the Struggle for Public Space: Social Negotiations in the Usage of Colonial Rio de Janeiro’s Waterworks,” by Jorun Poettering (Brasiliana: Journal for Brazilian Studies vol. 5, no. 2, 2017, pp. 154-170).

An Appeal to the Ladies of Hyderabad: Scandal in the Raj, by Benjamin B. Cohen (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, forthcoming July 2019).


(Photo: Clem Onojedhuo)