If you need intelligent, thorough editing of your manuscript, Social Research Editing Services can help.  My mission is to help social researchers get their texts published in English-language journals, academic presses, and scholarly websites.  Besides editing for native English speakers, I also edit texts written by authors for whom English is their second or nondominant language.  My services range from copy editing to stylistic editing to structural editing.  With a doctorate in cultural anthropology from the University of Chicago, as well as many years of experience as a university professor, author, editor, and translator, I know the world that academic authors inhabit.

Although academics in the physical sciences or quantitative fields like economics sometimes contact me, I only accept work from qualitative social scientists. This includes social scientists working in cultural anthropology, qualitative sociology, and ethnography, as well as social researchers in the humanities, notably history and cultural studies. This focus allows me to offer more trenchant comments, make more informed revisions, and work more efficiently due to my familiarity with the terminology, style, arguments, and formatting used in these fields. With greater efficiency comes better cost effectiveness, since less time is needed for editing and prices are thus reduced.

Please note that I do not do proofreading or postediting of machine translations; my services are confined to structural, stylistic, and copy editing. If I do not believe that my skills and expertise are a good match for your manuscript, I will not hesitate to let you know and to refer you to other editors who are more suited to what your manuscript needs. If I think your writing and my editing complement each other well, I will be happy to do a sample edit for you at no cost and no obligation so that you, too, can judge whether we would be a good fit. We can then discuss your specific editing needs and publishing objectives.

I invite you to contact me to inquire further about my editing services. If you are interested in my translating services from Portuguese, Spanish, or French into English, please visit my website for Social Research Translating Services.